Best eye treatment for Pink Eye cases

Pink eye is the condition when the lining of the white portion of the eye and the eyelid becomes swollen. The pink or red color appears as the blood vessels of the transparent membrane of the lining become visible. Scary appearance of the eyes makes people having the condition feel embarrassed. People must not go out of the homes during such conditions. Pink eye symptoms are color of the yes becoming red or pink, yellowish or white discharge coming out of the eyes and forming debris on the eyelashes and blurred vision. Watery eyes make seeing uncomfortable job.

Many people complain of eye pain during such condition. Best eye treatment can be attained if consulted with the doctor immediately. He will look at the cause and then prescribe the needed medicine.

Common symptoms of pink eye

Pink eye symptoms include the tearing of the eyes constantly and great sensitivity to glare and sunlight. One must avoid looking at the sunlight during this infection. Itchiness may also occur during this condition. Gritty feeling in the eyes make the person feel miserable. Eyelids swell up in ugly manner and the eyelashes stick to one another due to solidification of debris coming out of the eyes. Consistent pain is experienced by many people. The cause of the irritation must be located for good treatment measures.

Medications for treating this condition

The pink eye condition can be caused by viral attack, bacterial attack or due to smoke and other external conditions. Excessive use of unclean contact lenses can also make such situation arise. Newly born babies can have such infection if the pregnant mother suffers from Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Best eye treatment for viral conditions is the application of anti viral eye drops. In case of bacterial attack, the best treatment is through antibiotic consumption. Antibiotic drops can also be used on the infected eyes. Mostly both eyes are affected during pink eye conditions.

Wading eyes frequently with medicated drops will give sort of relief to the patient. The doctor examines the eyes to detect the cause of the infection. Dusts, smoke, liquid getting into the eyes can make the eye swell up. The doctor will try to locate the problem and remove the allergen causing the irritation of the eye. The doctor often recommends the patient to use warm compress on the eyes. One can get relief from the pain and minimize the coming out of discharge from the eyes. The discharge gathered inside the eyes come out rapidly after warm compress and the condition improves fast. One must keep away from using artificial eye makeup or wear contact lenses during pink eye condition. Such practices can enhance the condition. Try using soap while washing hands every time the eyes are touched to avoid foreign bodies enter the eyes further. People having washing problems can try using disposable towels or tissues during this pink eye infection. One must try avoiding places having excess smoke, pollutants and gas emissions during such condition of pink eye.