Try Eye exercises to cure Eye issues naturally

Eyes are great parts of the body and are in constant use all the time. Overstraining eyes for work and lack of rest makes the eyes become less efficient. People turn to use of glasses and lenses for improving their vision. Life can become difficult without good vision. Some even tend to go for surgeries which are quite expensive. Eye exercises can be practiced during leisure times to improve the strained eye conditions. Very little time is required and it does not require use of expensive equipments. How to improve eyesight is the major concern of most individuals having vision problems. Practicing few exercises can make the eyes feel relaxed and give the eye muscles some regained strength.

Examples of eye exercises

The first exercise one can practice is to locate a specific object at a certain distance of 20 to 25 feet. Then he can make an index card having a particular letter and place it at certain distance close to his eyes. He then has to look at the letter on the index card and shift the vision to the distant object simultaneously. This exercise works well if the eyes perform it separately. One can cover the other eye with his hand or use eye patch for this eye exercise. Wonderful eye co ordination can be attained with such eye exercises. One can use the card having 2 by 3 inches size for convenience and see that the letters on the card are clear. Making a habit of doing this exercise 3 or 4 times a day can improve the eye muscles. Better effects can be obtained if the person inhales and exhales deeply during performing this exercise. Oxygen passage is very important while making eyes work.

Another great example of eye exercise is locating a distant object at certain distance where one can see it clearly. He then has to sit on a chair with comfort and place a pencil at nearby distance. He can also use his thumb in place of the pencil. The performer of the exercise must look at the thumb for some time and fix his vision there for certain period and then look at the object placed in the opposite side of the room. He needs to look at the opposite object also for some time and then get back to seeing the nearby thumb or pencil. When one achieves the seeing of the distant object clearly, he should make sure to use the next distant object at farther distance.

Trying such exercises can help answer how to improve eyesight. Meditation can also be done by looking at any particular object for prolonged period. This not only improves eyesight but enhances the concentration level of the person. Palming can also be practiced where the palm of the hands are placed on top of the eyes without making contact with the eyes. The people must look at the palm for as long as possible and think of good things. This exercise is suggested to people spending long hours in front of the laptop.