Understanding Eye Infections Causes and Cures

Eyes are extremely delicate organs of human body. Regular care and attention must be maintained for good eye hygiene. Eyes are susceptible to eye infections all the time. People tend to get foreign particles in the eyes during moving around. Such cases may cause eyes to swell or become red. One must know the immediate causes and remedies of eye infections to be on the safe side. Conjunctivitis is the common infection occurring in man. One must stay away from the person having such infection as it can be transferred quite easily from person to person. Any kind of bacteria, fungi or pollutant in the atmosphere can cause the infections.

Causes of infections

One can get infected if the foreign body enters the eyes accidently or can be passed by the surgeries. Glasses and contact lenses can also be causes of infections. It is always recommended to use one's own glasses and not interchange it with anyone else. Sprays from deodorants or harmful cleaning liquids can also cause eye infection symptoms. Sometimes vitamins and minerals lacking in regular diet of an individual makes him prone to infections. Try to improve the immunity system by eating things good for eye health. Ophthalmologist can be of great help for useful suggestions of food for eye health.

Eye Infections Symptoms

Most eye infections have common symptoms like redness, swollenness and feeling of itching. Conjunctivitis is the condition where liquid comes out of the yes in regular basis. The eyes appear swollen and the person seems like crying all the time. It is always recommended to use dark glasses during such eye infection symptoms. Blepharitis is another common form of infection where symptoms are more or less the same. In this type of infection the eyes cannot bear exposure to light. Sensitivity to sunlight can provide painful condition. Some people find the burning feel unbearable. Consulting a doctor can improve the condition.

Remedies for Eye Infection

The people having eye infections must always take assistance from eye specialists. It is always advised to use personal towels and handkerchief at all times. Children get infected from one another as they are not careful about hygiene all the time. The eyes must be touched after proper washing of hands. Glasses must be cleaned regularly. Contact lens must be cleaned properly before and after use. One must also wear sun glasses while going out in strong sunlight to prevent eyes from getting infected. Eye exercises can be great help if done on regular basis. One must use drops during eye infection symptoms. Washing eyes with clean water while washing face can keep foreign particles away. One must take care while removing eye make to avoid infections from occurring. Infection pain can be reduced if a person provides warm compress with moist or dry warm towel or handkerchief on the infected eye. It is always wise not to share ye make and eyewear with anybody. Eyes are great gifts from the almighty. Take great care of them to keep away from infections and disorders.