Some Home Treatments for Pink Eye

Pink eye is a condition when the surrounding area of the while portion of the eye gets swollen up. The eyes appear red and ugly. One must always use goggles during such condition. Conjunctivitis is the common eye problem and is spread if good eye hygiene is not maintained. The person having this condition must see that the handkerchief used by him is not touched by anyone else. He must wash his hands frequently if he cleans the liquid coming out of his eyes. The thick whitish discharge coming out of the yes must be cleaned to keep the eyes from getting blocked vision.

Practicing home remedies can be helpful before consulting a doctor

Treatment of pink eye can be done at home only. It is recommended not to go out of the home if not required. Using fresh drops of breast milk on such eyes can reduce the coming out of discharge to large extent. One can also provide warm compress on the affected eyes. He needs to see the towel that is properly cleaned and disinfected of germs. The warm compress will allow the yes get relief from itchy feeling. The particles gathered inside the eye also gets released when warm compress is done.

People can use another treatment for pink eye like washing the eyes with boiled water having pinch of salt. This must be done frequently to provide the eye some extend of relief. Cooling of the boiled water is necessary before splashing it on the eyes. Chamomile teabags can be of great help during pink eye condition. One can enjoy great time when placing such teabag on the affected eye for long time. Marigold flower can give stunning results for pink eye. One can get a marigold from the market and place it on the affected eye. This flower works magically as the antiseptic agent and has anti inflammatory properties.

One must not swim in public pools with this condition. If he swims he should use dark glasses to avoid the eyes from getting in touch with chlorine water put in pools. Avoid touching the eyes even when the eyes seem itchy. Wash the bed sheets, pillowcases and towels with good detergent to get rid of the bacteria. One must abstain from consuming sugary eatables and starchy vegetables. Try drinking fluids and carrot juices. Consuming leafy vegetables like spinach can help to get rid of the bacteria sooner. Try to eat vitamin A and B12 containing foods or use supplements to get better soon. Never panic when such situations arise. Treatment of pink eye is easy and it goes away in some days. Staying healthy and maintaining basic hygiene will help to keep the spreading restricted. The washing of hands with soap frequently and eyes with water regularly can help the eyes to get better. Avoid rubbing the eyes or pinching the nearby areas if itchy sensation occurs. Be patient and keep practicing the home remedies and see the magic it makes in curing the pink eye condition.