Knowledge about Some common Eye diseases

One must stay careful at all times about eyes as eye disease can come in one's life at any time. With increasing age, eyes become weak and susceptible to all types of problems. Eyes become tired when people do not sleep and keep working for long hours. Eyes require considerable amount of rest. Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours well gives proper rest to eyes. Visiting the eye care professionals at regular intervals can keep a person away from incidence of eye disorders. All problems can be treated properly if detected at initial stages. One must never neglect the irritable condition in eyes for long as it may result in complete loss of sight.


Cataract is very common eye disease occurring in old aged people. People suffer lower vision due to this condition accompanied by blurred vision, bad night vision, lesser ability to detect color, yellowing of objects and even double vision. The condition becomes serious if the person needs to change his glass power at frequent intervals. He needs to rush to a doctor as he will examine his eyes. The lens of the eyes called the iris becomes hazy due to over exposure to sunlight, trauma and medical conditions like diabetes. Surgery of different types is recommended for such cases. The type of surgery chosen depends on the doctor and the patient. The lens is replaced for better vision and the patient is provided a pair of glasses after operation.


Presbyopia is another common among the various eye disorders found among complaining patients. This is seen in people having middle age. The proteins in the eyes become hard and less movable with time. Such conditions affect the elasticity of the muscles. The muscles also lose youth with age and its tightness is decreased. The vision becomes blurred and can be corrected with glasses called bifocals. One can also use contact lens for providing solution to this situation. Laser surgery can also be done to get relief from such a situation.


The fluids in man's eyes are very important in vision. These transfer the signals to the brain for vision. The lessening of such important fluids in the eyes may cause pressure in the eyes causing eye disease called glaucoma.

This eye disease is very fatal to the eyes if cannot be diagnosed in the beginning. Open angle glaucoma can be controlled to some extent with medication like eye drops and oral pills. One may lose sight after some time. Acute glaucoma is a painful situation where dizziness and vision problems occur. Surgery can bring relief to such extreme condition. Pills and drops can act as remedy for some time. Congenital glaucoma is experienced by babies showing red yes, dilated pupils and cloudy eyes. Doctors rush for surgery to save the vision of such a child. Secondary glaucoma can occur if a person suffers from serious medications previously or suffered from some disease. The doctors try to locate the problem and give proper solution to the patient.